WLD #204: CHIPing Away

Arian sits down for a chat with Dota Community Hero and Item Project (CHIP) programmer SwordBacon.  They talk about what CHIP is, the difficulties in coding new heroes and items into Dota, and rate WLD community suggested hero and item concepts.  Also, Jm J. Bullock has a special announcement for the upcoming WLDL season.

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WLD #203: The Thrilling Conclusion

Jim & Bob welcome WLD Chief Theme Officer Greg."Greg Scherr".Scherr to the podcast, where they record their post-TI impressions in person.  They conclude that this was the best TI Finals yet played, but this time it's true! #PerfectFlower #InTheStudio #MalPantalones

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WLD #202: Nothing's Going On This Week

It's International Time!  Sam and Jim talk about the group stages, which heroes are good (Enchantress, Dark Willow), which are bad (Tiny), and which they don't understand (Wraith King).  Sam updates on his calibration quest, and Jim prompts discussion of another scantily-clad, blue-skinned hero. #ResponsibleEmployee #KidsLoveWolves #WorkingBlue

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We Like Dota #201: And So It Begins...

Sam, Arian, and Jim introduce listeners to a little-known, upcoming event that may have slipped under their radar: The International 2018. They also talk about calibration, and explain how easy Dark Seer is to play. #Sunsfanned #NoMessinaNeeded #FantasyGetsReal

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We Like Dota #200: The Prodigal Father Returns

To commemorate our 200th episode Sam is joined by the founder of the We Like Dota podcast Brian "Sahbone" Yinger.  They talk about how fatherhood has been treating Brian, some We Like Dota history, non-Dota Feelings, and the return of Food of the Week! #BroughtToYouBySeedlip #BestColdBrewInPittsburgh

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We Like Dota #196: Fantasy, Sweet!

Jim reprises his role as Fantasy Dota expert and leads Sam through the labyrinth of Player Cards and the scoring system, despite Sam's complete lack of interest.  Sam talks about how much fun Turbo mode is, and the boys wonder why Spectre is so good. #TURBO4LYFE #16BattlePassLevels #BachelorNation

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