We Like Dota #120 - TI6 Invites / Terrorblade

Brian and Josh chat about Secret's qualifying run (1:12), a game with DwarveSC (2:30), the power of a Venomancer/Undying lane (4:10), Mango Bay (6:22), Solo Ranked (8:14), Saturday 6/25/2016 WLD Episode 100 Live Streaming Event at 12:00pm Eastern (12:00)!OG Win ESL One Frankfurt 2016 (16:45), 6 Teams invited to TI6 (17:40),Terrorblade (29:46), the We Like Dota Science Team (48:00), and Newbs ask Newbs (52:00). 

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Posted on June 22, 2016 and filed under welikedota, podcasts.