We Like Dota #127 - TI6 Is Over / Monkey King

Brian, Josh Dank Memes Roberts, and Cheeks decide to attend TI7 (2:00), Cheeks' experience at the big show with Diddy (4:00), Slacks and Kaci (8:00), Josh's new role as safe-lane carry (9:30), Brian's Lich experience (13:45), Orb of Venom on Tidehunter (14:10), review coffee for Food of the Week Lite (17:11 - 20:50), News of the Week [mostly TI related] (21:00), the Monkey King announcement (35:55), the Underlord/Pitlord model (36:40), and address some hats and questions (54:20)!


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Posted on August 17, 2016 and filed under welikedota, podcasts.