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Theme Thursday!

Thanks to everyone who played in last night's Theme Thursday drafts. We managed to get two games in, and I for one had a blast. The first game we had was far less successful, and I haven't had Ms. Pirate rank those heroes yet. So let's put that one aside for now and instead focus on our second game. We decided on a hero pool consisting of Heroes That Ride. This was actually a rather large pool, as we identified 12 such heroes that meet the criteria. In the end we settled on Chaos Knight (Safe lane, position 1), Mirana (Middle, position 2), Luna (off lane, position 1.5?), Abbadon (off lane support, position 5), and Keeper of the Light (safe lane support, position 5). Yes, these positions and lanes make little sense. BUT WE RODE TO VICTORY ANYWAY! Check out the Dotabuff here!

Quick shoutout to everyone who played with us - [Cher] Jm J. Bullock, Greg Scherr, be a bee, and ES JAGO. It should briefly be noted that ES JAGO is a Dota 2 god, and sometimes plays with the likes of aui_2000. That's not a weird WLD joke, but factual. He has like 7,000+ hours logged on Dota 2, and is probably the main reason we won this game (despite the fact that he was playing position 5). But now for the thing you've all been waiting for - Ms. Pirate's rankings of how cool/adorable each of our heroes are. These rankings are entirely arbitrary and follow no known rubric - it's entirely based on me showing Ms. Pirate the heroes, and her making comments about them. She has never played Dota 2 before and does not really care to. BUT SHE HAS EXQUISITE TASTE. So, from 5 to 1, with one being the best:

5) My boy Chaos Night brought up the rear. Ms. Pirate enjoyed his fiery eyes and lava feet, but found a key issue with his horse -  a rather unfortunate particle effect that makes it look like the horse is eternally pooping. She didn't like that at all, so Chaos Knight was the worst. She also pointed out that this dude is made of fire! What the heck does he need armor for? She thought it might be more appropriate for him to have a poncho. Volvo, please. 

4) Next in the rankings we have Abbadon, wearing the Drowned Horseman set. The big drawback for Abbadon is how ridiculously close together his eyes are. She also didn't approve of Abbadon's slouching posture. On the plus side, Ms. Pirate enjoys that his horse is basically a seahorse. She likes seahorses, apparently. 

3) Coming in at number three was Luna. Overall, Ms. Pirate found Luna herself to be boring, but her lion mount to be awesome. She liked that the lion's beard featured a chin braid, and that his ears, "looked cool." Not much to argue with there.

2) Coming in at number 2 is everyone's favorite wizard, Keeper of the Light. She referred to him exclusively as Gandalf, and she's not wrong. Her exact description was, "It looks like Gandalf got lost on the way to a May day party." Make of that what you will. 

1) The winner of this week's Ms. Pirate Power Rankings is none other than Mirana! First off, Ms. Pirate did have some criticisms. Despite the arctic theme of the set, Mirana is wearing no pants and sandals. While this might excite people like Brian, Ms. Pirate was worried about her staying warm.

So how did this end up at number 1? This was far and away due to the mount. His name is Ormr the Lunar Dragon, and according to DotaBuff he is a steal at $0.13 on the Steam Market. This mount is pretty sweet. He combines some key elements to create a sort of lizard-dragon-lion, and it's very wonderful. According to Ms. Pirate, he looks like he would enjoy a good scratch under the chin, while still being capable of tearing off your arm. GGWP 

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