We Like Dota #9 - The International 4 Preview / Batrider

This week, we talk a lot about The International 4, the current state of the competitive scene, and other news. We also have the weekly Noobs and Noobs segment, the Hero of the Week, the Draft of the Week, and the Speed Round. [audio ]

So, the replay we wanted to do was past it's download date. Very embarrassing, we're noobs, GG. So, we just found a random captain's mode replay and casted it! We had a fun time. The draft is as follows:

Radiant: Enigma / Ogre Magi / Gyrocopter / Templar Assassin / Timbersaw

Dire: Clinkz / Mirana / Clockwerk / Bane / Dazzle


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Posted on March 8, 2014 and filed under commentary, podcasts, welikedota.