We Like Dota #10 - Monster Invitational Finals / Beastmaster / Noobs Ask Noobs Double Feature

This week, we talk about the Monster Invitational, some more eSports news, and about the latest news from the rumor mill. There's also a Noobs Ask Noobs double feature, Beastmaster, the Hero of the Week, the Speed Round, and more! No match commentary this week, we were a little short on time. However, we do want to cast your matches - let us know what matches you've played by giving us the Match ID in Dota 2 and we'll try and get to it. There is a thread up on the We Like Dota Subreddit for submissions.

We are also starting up the first We Like Dota Fantasy League. Check out the thread on the We Like Dota Subreddit for more info, and how to get involved.

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Posted on March 13, 2014 and filed under podcasts, welikedota.